BUG : Unable to update the dependencies of the project.

Hello ,

Yesterday , When building the setup project , I received the following error :

“Unable to update the dependencies of the project. The dependencies for the object ‘ name.dll ‘ cannot be determined..”

Also trying to Refresh Dependencies was not successful :

“The operation can not be completed.”

This problem occurs when .VDPROJ file is corrupted , to resolve this bug , you may follow these steps :

1) Open .VDPROJ file with a text editor :

2)Find “Hierarchy” & “File” Sections and Delete everything in them ,

3)Delete “Project Primary Output” And Add it again.

4)Reload the project .

5)Rebuild the project.

If the above solution did not work , you may need to DELETE the setup project and create it from the scratch.

Note : This BUG occured on a machine having Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite Edition with SP1 Installed .

This BUG is reported here :


Microsoft has also published a hotfix that can be found here :

FIX: The Visual Studio 2005 IDE may corrupt the deployment files for a Web Setup Project and for a Setup Project

In this article , the author mentined that :

“This problem may occur when you have a Database Project and a Setup Project in the same solution”

But Keep in mind that this problem may occur even if the solution does not contain any Database Project , So the above quotation is not the accurate cause of the issue.


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