ANTS Profiler – .Net Code & Memory Profiler

February 7, 2008

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RedGate ANTS Profiler is a great tool which enables you to identify bottlenecks in your code and optimize memory usage , It also profiles how long each line of code takes to be executed(line-level timing) and reports the slowest lines of code and procedures. In addition , It Integrates into Visual Studio with context sensitivity.

ANTS Profiler profiles Windows Applications , ASP.Net Web Applications , COM+ Applications and Windows Services which are written under .Net Framework 1.1 , 2.0, and 3.0.

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Test-Driven Development

January 20, 2008

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Being a professional software developer , you’ve certainly heard about TDD(Test-Driven Development) . TDD is a software development method which states that test-cases are provided before adding or enhancing a feature. What’s the merit? Writing test-cases prior to developing a functionality helps you evaluate the result after any change. The written test will doubtlessly fail and you write code to overcome it. In my opinion , you are advised to work on this modern technique and take the most advantage of that .

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First Post

January 17, 2008

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Microsoft Technologies are becoming widespread among developers and programmers. Thease new enhancements have revolutionized the process of developing softwares and web applications. Emersion of .Net technology and introducing new concepts made many professionals concenterate on the innovative solutions and implement them.

In this blog , I’m going to put forward ideas , experiences and problems which .Net programmers encounter them and would appreciate practical solutions to help each other improve.

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